Saturday, March 16, 2013

First and Second Grade

We are very lucky to have amazing teacher and family and child psychologist Milenia de la Rosa, who graciously stepped in to cover the First and Second Grade class for the second part of this year. Milenia keeps busy tutoring and working on literacy projects for the library as well and has been working at the foundation for over a year. She has such a presence in the classroom and is so gifted with children. When she walks in the room, the class becomes still and listens and I love hearing her beautiful voice as she teaches many concepts through song. We cannot thank her enough for her work with the school and foundation.
Milenia is teaching the Dominican School Curriculum including math, science, history, spanish language, literacy, science, social skills and ethics in the morning and in the afternoon the class receives English immersion, art, music and drama projects with Erica and Mercedes.


In February Milenia shared some specific curriculum and projects with me so I could write about them in the blog.
Ethics- Liberty and Patriotism
Civics- Rights and norms
Mathematics- Less Than, Greater Than, equal to as well as the concepts of before, after, during and the numbers from 1-99
Spanish Language- Using a dictionary, usage of Bb and Yy and making personal information cards
Lectures and Reports- Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, The Trumpet and the Ball, Selfish and Cinderella
Poetry and Song- My Flag, The National Hymn, Independence Hymn and Auroras de mi Patria 
Social Studies- Patriotism, The flag, the school and being a good citizen (Independence day feb 27th)
Science- Parts of plants, reproduction of flowers

Milenia also plans on leading a professional development workshop next week for tthe LTIS teachers on classroom management. Thank you Milenia!


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