Thursday, March 14, 2013

Math in Kindergarten

We have been exploring many different mathematic concepts lately including counting to 100, weight, patterns and sorting. Here are some pictures from the past two weeks.
Sisa and Ana Evelyn explore 1:1 correspondence, using flashcards with written numbers and objects. 
We provide a variety of interesting objects and manipulatives to encourage the students to explore, sort, describe or count the objects according to their ability level and interests. Here Kimberly and Esther count with puff balls, unifix cubes and large seeds.
Sisa using a book to reinforce her counting
 Esther creating a complex pattern with different objects.
 Rosangela discovering new concepts with tangrams
 Esther using a generous donation of Montessori materials to make patterns and count, practicing her colors in English at the same time.
We have been learning vocabulary to describe objects in English. Our work with the scales reinforces concepts of size and weight as we discuss whether objects are bigger, smaller, heavier or lighter.
 Rosangela choosing objects to weigh and deciding how to weigh them. She had chosen to put the flowers in one bucket and the stars in another, discovering that the stars were "heavier," and the flowers were "lighter." 
 Rosangela and Miguel working together to balance the scales, purchased with funds raised at a fundraiser I held in December in Connecticut.
We are really enjoying learning different math concepts. It helps the students when they have the objects and can visualize the ideas in a concrete way, especially when we are using our newly acquired English!


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