Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First and Second Graders Working on Vocabulary

Mercedes and Erica have been hard at work on their English Curriculum and lesson plans for their daily English section with the First and Second Graders. They come up with inventive and concrete ways for their students to apply all of the vocabulary that they are leaning and connect it to the subjects the class is learning about with Milenia.
Here First and Second Graders trace and fill in life size versions of themselves with all of the vocabulary for body parts that they have learned.
Juan Luis hard at work thinking about where everything goes
Jaciel and Sea
Adding hair- look at the eyes, nose and ears!
So much focus and concentration
Sea getting comfortable as she draws her hair
Making things life size is a great way to keep the students interested and making connections. They need to observe themselves and conceptualize where everything is located as they recall vocabulary. Documenting words and ideas that they have learned about in this way helps to commit everything to memory. We love projects like this at LTIS!

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