Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Day Gathering

After preparing for the past few weeks, LTIS students and teachers were delighted to invite mothers, grandmothers and family to the school for a special Mother's Day Gathering (which falls on May 26th in The Dominican Republic). It is great to have families come to school and see what their children have been working on, especially for a holiday that is so important here. After Annette welcomed the families and thanked them for their support this year each class had time for a small presentation. Enjoy the pictures from our special day...
Students excited after all their work preparing...
Beautiful LTIS families and friends
Annette welcoming friends in families- in Spanish and English
First Preschoolers sang four beautiful songs- "On Mother's Day," "Caterpillars," "I'm a little Kitten," and "Skidamarink." They did great in front of the big audience!
Parents applauding
Kindergarteners sang "You are my Sunshine," and read a Mother's Day poem in English
First and Second Graders had a lot of work to do, reading Mother's Day poems in Spanish and English
And playing a song on the recorder
After the performances students shared a small gift and card with their special someone and it was time to eat and catch up! In the front of the library building a presentation of photos from the year put together by Mercedes was playing and families and students went to watch it and could take a copy home. It is hard to believe that we have been here since September and that the year is wrapping up, but looking at the pictures made us see how much the students have grown this year.
It was great to chat with families and watch the proud faces of students. We hope to have another gathering for families from LTIS on June 2nd at Playa Bonita to celebrate the end of the year.

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