Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Ginny, our school pet and expert rat catcher (gotta love it when she leaves them in the middle of the classroom for us to find in the morning) had kittens! It was so exciting to watch Ginny's pregnency. We could even feel the kittens moving when we touched her stomach. Luckily at LTIS we are free to follow the interests of the children and worked Ginny's pregnancy into the curriculum, learning about cats and reading stories about kittens.
We were so excited to go visit Ginny and her kittens after they were born. This was a great opportunity to talk about how we should treat animals and to discuss the appropriate way to act when we went to visit Ginny and the kittens. Kindergarteners made a countdown to the first day that they would visit.
As the students are very interested in the exciting natural process that occurred, they really wanted to observe Ginny. We followed her outside to watch.

Pondering where Ginny will go and what she is doing away from her kittens

Drawing Ginny with our science observation clipboards

Kimberly shares her drawing- she did a great job observing, drawing where Ginny's spots are and even adding little details like whiskers and nails.

It was a challenge to keep drawing as Ginny was on the move...

Wow Rosangela, great observations

Following Ginny

Ginny was curious about our drawings and came to investigate.

Watching Ginny groom

Sisa and Dileni observing and drawing from close range

Then the class wanted to observe and draw the kittens so we went for a visit

We were able to use the vocabulary we have learned to talk about the kittens: "there are three kittens," "the kittens are soft," "the kittens are sleepy."

Teachable moments where we can observe life processes like this first hand are a really memorable way to learn. We will keep on watching the kittens as they grow and are already growing so attached to them.

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