Saturday, June 1, 2013

Learning House Vocabulary

Kindergarteners have been reviewing some of the vocabulary they learned in the first part of the year. Here we take a hands on approach to house vocabulary (rooms of house, outside the house, furniture, appliances and kitchen utensils). During house dramatic play we set up a "house," in our classroom and the children were able to play, using the vocabulary in a concrete context. 
Esther, Sisa and Dileni using their "bed," and caring for their baby
A lot of the students in our class have new babies in their families and having dolls in the classroom helps them to share their feelings and play out family scenarios

We used some household magazines and a poster to construct sentences about the rooms and things in a house.

Then we made our own houses with recycled boxes, bottles and other materials. The students worked hard for a week to put together their homes.

Dileni and Sisa cooperated to build a house together

Ana Evelyn's house

The class wanted to make people to live in their houses so we did...

Dileni with her little house and people

Esther working on her house

Kimberly's house even had a plant in it- how creative!

The Kindergateners especially enjoyed playing in their houses when they were finished!

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