Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thank You to Brookfield!

Sets of leveled readers were at the top of our wish list this year. With Kindergarten, First and Second Grade at our school, having material for the children to learn to read was essential. Sets of books at different levels are an important part of literacy development because they allow the class to read along together and for teachers to select material that is at the right level for each child. It was a challenge to create our own literacy materials each day at the beginning of the school year. Luckily Anthony Bivona, superintendent of Brookfield Public Schools in Connecticut (and father to Kindergarten teacher Marissa) was able to search around his district for old books and other materials that were no longer being used. They were shipped to the Dominican Republic in a container thanks to ACES foundation and we now have an amazing collection of beautiful literacy materials and books a many different levels. I enjoyed reading with the entire class and was amazed at the words my students read and how they followed along with the books.
New collection in the office
Such amazing resources

Learning to read!

Reading and writing in First and Second Grade
Thank you so much Brookfield School System for your generous gift of books, resources, weather kits, paper and so many more materials. We are so lucky to have generous people who believe in the work we are doing at LTIS and put effort into helping us. Your contributions definitely have made a positive impact here!

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