Monday, June 17, 2013

What have we been working on the last week?

Learning continues at LTIS, even during the last week of school as we prepare to say Goodbye!
Milenia worked with First and Second Graders on measuring, three dimensional shapes, reading and writing. Below is a shapes exercise and writing practice.
Still working
Playing Shape Bingo with Erica and Mercedes as the class practices their English and review what they learned with Milenia.

Mercedes is impressed!
In Kindergarten we reviewed some of our units and vocabulary including the house, the body, the community, the classroom, plants and animals. We also researched dinosaurs, a current interest among the group. Below we read about dinosaurs and draw pictures of our favorites.
Dinosaurs are so interesting!

Ana Evelyn playing with dinosaurs, identifying "meat eaters and plant eaters," declaring, "the plant eaters live together here but they don't let the meat eaters in!"
Dileni continuing to work on her beautiful patterns with found objects

We have been talking about the rapidly approaching last day of school and discussing summer plans and what class our students will be in next year. It is hard to believe that the year is really coming to an end. We are excited for last day celebrations, but sad to have to say goodbye!


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