Sunday, June 16, 2013

End of the Year Energy and Motor Skills

Working outdoors on fine and gross motor skills with golf tees and tools. Development of motor skills is very important for children at this age to develop. Thanks to a kind donation of golf tees we were able to have some fun at recess while working on these skills.
Making patterns
Building with tools

Tool vocabulary

Hand eye coordination while hammering tees into the dirt

Getting out energy!

While reviewing all that we learned about the community we decided to set up our own bakery and used our motor skills with play dough. Working with tactile substances like play dough is soothing as well.
Community blocks and puppets 
Bakery! Putting oil in the pans so our cakes don't stick

Mixing flour and salt with our play dough

Sisa decorating her cake

Building with Legos is a fun way to practice fine motor skills and to develop math tools like problem solving and spatial reasoning. Dileni built a tower that was taller than she was!

Ana Evelyn's special house with a pool and rooms for animals

Kimberly using chalk to write the alphabet on the floor

We definitely have a lot of energy these last few weeks! We are trying to come up with exciting activities that help the kids to channel all of the excitement and anticipation for the last day of school, while reviewing some of the material we have learned this year.



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