Saturday, April 6, 2013

Art, Music and Drama Update

Our creative arts teacher Mercedes has been working on some truly amazing projects with our students!

Self Portraits- the First and Second Graders created these beautiful self portraits on real canvases. The group worked hard over a few weeks, first observing themselves in mirrors, talking about the parts of the face and measuring the distance between their features while making rough drafts for their portraits. Finally they painted over their sketches.

Sea with her self portrait

Kaleidescopes- Mercedes has been coming up with some really interesting recycling projects using hundreds of Italian comics that were donated to the library. Aside from paper beads, paper weaving and the big Las Terrenas International School tree that was on our float for the parade she made kaleidescopes with each of the classes. If you look closely you can see that the body of the kaleidescopes are tubes of rolled up comics!

Here the Kindergarteners decorate the outside of their kaleidescopes and select beautiful beads and gems to go inside.

Miguel looking through his kaleidescope

Here is another dimension of Mercedes' weaving and sewing projects- students weave string through a foam sheet with holes and reviewing our shapes!

Working on fine motor skills

Another great project that the students were able to throw their whole bodies into- jackson Pollack inspired painting by rolling balls!

Preschoolers getting their hands dirty!

Finished product- isn't this beautiful!

Drama on Friday afternoons continues to be a great way for students to express themselves creatively, practicing their English and sharing stories and experiences. Here students share stories that they wrote and puppets that they made.

After working hard to write a story Charlie shares with the group.

Sea using puppets to act out her story.

Creativity is such an important component of education and we are so lucky to have Mercedes and all of the work that she does with our students!


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  1. Amazing!!! Mercedes, Marisa, Erica, Milenia and Annette are simply wonderful; these kids are lucky to have you!!