Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Earth Week

The week of April 22nd to 26th we celebrated Earth Week at LTIS! The time of year that earth day fell on fit perfectly into our curriculum. We have been talking about the earth and our lessons culminated in a week of celebrating the organisms and biodiversity of earth while brainstorming solutions to help and preserve our home planet. We learned a song for earth day and participated in activities and lessons that went along with the theme all week including planting seeds "so that more plants can grow," and picking up trash to keep our neighborhood clean. Here are some pictures from our special week.
First and Second Graders using teamwork to complete an earth puzzle- we have been talking about the world and different people from different places.
Kindergarteners brought in plants and seeds to observe and later plant. We learned vocabulary for the parts of plants, types of plants and and what they need to grow (water, soil and sun).

We watched our caterpillar spin itself into a cocoon and are awaiting the moth that will emerge- what a magical process to watch an organisms life process firsthand. We took the opportunity to talk about the needs of insects, animals and people to survive and why we need to protect the earth so that organisms can continue to thrive there.

After learning the parts of a flower we made nature patterns with seeds, shells and fabric flowers. Patterns are a great way to learn spatial, sorting, observation and math skills.

Dileni's worked so hard on her pattern.

We always love taking the opportunity to join the school together for activities and on Friday Kindergarten joined First and Second Graders for a neighborhood trash pick up. The kids came up with the idea themselves when we were brainstorming ways to help the planet. Outfitted with gloves and bags we ventured out...

We had a lot of fun while cleaning up our community.

It was a great opportunity to work together to make a positive change in our neighborhood.
We had so much fun during Earth Week. We look forward to Earth Week 2014, and hope that the tradition continues, but for now we are moving on in our curriculum to learn about the universe outside of our planet. Next week we shift our focus to the planets and earth's place in the solar system!

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