Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Parent Meeting

Parent support and input has been instrumental in this first (second for preschool) year at Las Terrenas International School. Parent and family involvement is a large part of our school's philosophy and we communicate with parents daily to update them on their child's progress and to make sure that we are on the same page. Twice a year we hold parent nights at the school to discuss curriculum and get parent input on their child's education. On Wednesday the 17th of April we held our second parent meeting of the year. After a discussion in the large group about progress this year and preparations for next year parents broke into groups and went into their child's class to discuss curriculum and class specific issues.

There was a lot to discuss in First and Second Grade Class. Annette took time to speak to parents about arrangements that have been made for Milenia to continue as head teacher in the classroom for the remainder of the year. Erica and Mercedes will continue to work on English and Literacy with the students.

Later parents had time to ask specific questions about curriculum and their children. Mercedes also explained the work she is doing with art, music and drama and the positive effects it is having on the children.  
Annette was able to explain the philosophies behind her teaching in preschool. It is important to explain to parents about the developmental stage of their children and how children at different ages learn in different ways. In preschool children learn important problem solving, spacial, social and pre-literacy skills through play and interaction with peers. Annette lays the foundation for future English immersion at LTIS by speaking in both Spanish and English in her classroom. She reads to the class often in English and introduces them to letters, numbers and vocabulary.

It was very exciting to share the progress that the Kindergarteners have been making in all academic areas. After focusing for the beginning of the year on verbal communication, vocabulary, letters and their sounds, the class is beginning to sound out words and form sentences. I was able to share some of our literacy activities and materials with parents. It was a pleasure for me to explain the self initiation and love of writing that the children in the class have developed.

We also discussed our work in math, science, social studies and in social emotional areas. 

The LTIS teachers left thinking that parent night was a great success. We talked about a parent commitee for the school next year and have planned a few more events including a family pot-luck which will be a great way to bring the school community together. It was very exciting to us to share the work we do each day and the larger picture of curriculum with parents.

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