Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Earth and Geography

Part of our curriculum in Kindergarten and First and Second Grade is learning about geography and planet earth. First and Second Graders have been studying geography since the beginning of the year and in Kindergarten we have been talking about maps, globes and where the Dominican Republic is located. We recently began to discuss what the earth is made up of and the seven continents.
First we experimented by closing our eyes and spinning the globe while pointing at it to see how many times our finger landed on water and how many times it ended up on land. We had to use our math skills to write tallies and add our results, and we determined that there is much more water on earth than land.
Then we had a chance to research using maps, atlases and the globe. The class drew their own renditions of planet earth and were very interested in the flags from different countries.

Since the First and Second Graders are continent experts we asked them to come into our class and teach us the "There are Seven Continents," song.

Miguel was especially interested in copying words and letters that he found in his atlas and created his own book about different countries.

We will keep on studying the earth, maps and geography as the year continues. A sampling of our geography curriculum includes different habitats, more in depth exploration of the continents and Dominican Republic geography. We are looking forward to some special projects at LTIS that we are planning for Earth Week as well!

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