Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Improvisation in Drama

As the year continues Mercedes is taking her work with the students new directions. Friday afternoon drama continues to be a great hit with the students, who enjoy practicing their language and storytelling skills in an exciting venue while their peers look on. The past few weeks the group has been focusing on improvisation with the use of puppets and costumes. Mercedes has created exercises that allow the children to explore themselves on stage and in front of an audience.
While the audience works on the crucial skill set needed to sustain attention and listen to others, the actors are increasing their confidence while working on speaking and communication skills. The students spin their stories and dialogue on the spot, using the creativity that is inherent in children at this stage in development. "It is great for self esteem," says Mercedes, adding that "even the most shy students love it." Here are some pictures from the improvisation exercises that have been taking place the last few weeks.
Laura and Ana Evelyn collaborating on a plot line with puppets.

Oscouris using the postman puppet to tell a story.
Pheobe preparing to tell her story.
Aside from all of the great work that Mercedes plans for drama she has been continuing with art and music activities as well. Students are learning about rhythym, volume, pitch and tone of notes as well as some theory and musical scales. First and Second graders enjoy learning how to play songs on the recorder. Thank you Mercedes for your work Mercedes!


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