Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clothing Store

Even though we are maturing so much in the Kindergarten class we are never too old to learn through play. Last week we opened our own clothing store, practicing so much vocabulary, math and negotiation skills. We started out with free play in the morning. We have been reviewing clothing vocabulary for the past week as well. It was a great unit.
Looking at clothing in a magazine- the more immersed the children are in the curriculum and the more concrete the vocabulary the better the chance that they will remember the words. I try to incorporate as many props as possible into the language learning process.

After we had time to play in the morning we talked about what opening our own store would entail- making prices, coming up with a name and choosing roles for ourselves.

Below Miguel chooses prices for items and writes down the numbers on paper.

Priced shoes

Esther putting the price on a shirt.

Working to price all of our clothes for the store opening.

Sisa and Ana Evelyn hard at work- the class wanted to take out our tools to help build the store.

Esther hung clothing from the ceiling before getting ready to work the register.
After all of our hard work setting up, we opened our store and had time to shop!

It was a great lesson and an enjoyable way for the class to practice important vocabulary as well as the script for buying things from a store and waiting on customers. Sisa has it down after spending so much time in her parents souvenir shop. Each day I am so impresssed by the language the children have acquired and the way they are able to communicate in English. The progress they have made is amazing and I can see that they are starting to identify themselves as bilingual, which means we have already achieved one of our goals for the 2012-2013 school year.

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